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blueegg is a User Experience Agency based in Sydney. We provide a comprehensive service covering discovery, engagement and delivery. Developing a strong understanding of what your users are doing and how they interact with your content is key to offering a strong and compelling experience.

We analyse your existing data, engage with your internal stakeholders and incorporate the strategy you are aiming for. By then engaging with your external stakeholders (customers) we are able to overlay true insight.

This insight is built into the prototyping and wireframes and is what leads to increased engagement, increased usability and increased conversion.


We uncover the objectives, the strategy and where you want to go.


We engage with both internal and external stakeholders through testing and validation.


We deliver wireframing, documentation and annotations that are a result of insight and analysis.

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Tablet, Mobile, Desktop

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Design, interaction and the internet of things…

Design, interaction and the internet of things…

Buzz words are all around us and in 2016 the Internet of Things or “IoT,” is starting to make its mark but, more importantly, become useful. We have seen an explosion in the number of things now connected online and if you are not already familiar with IoT, I like to think of it as:…

Story telling, pitching and great UX…

Story telling, pitching and great UX…

What does animation and UX have in common? From more simple beginnings with Warner Bros and Disney to the more polished animation houses of Pixar and Dreamworks, animation has been used to communicate humour, adventure, drama and heroics. Characters have been created that are relatable and stories told that are emotive and engaging. The process…

Symbols, Icons & Emojis

Symbols, Icons & Emojis

We move through modern life and are constantly confronted by noise. Mobile, desktop, iPad, bus stops, train stations, TV, emojis, billboards, shopping, driving well I can keep going but noise is out of control. How do we cut through? Brands have known for years that the best way to slice through is to use devices…