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Blueegg is a User Experience Agency based in Sydney. We provide a comprehensive service covering discovery, engagement and delivery. Developing a strong understanding of what your users are doing and how they interact with your content is key to offering a strong and compelling experience.

We analyse your existing data, engage with your internal stakeholders and incorporate the strategy you are aiming for. By then engaging with your external stakeholders (customers) we are able to overlay true insight.

This insight is built into the prototyping and wireframes and is what leads to increased engagement, increased usability and increased conversion.




We uncover the objectives, the strategy and where you want to go.


We engage with both internal and external stakeholders through testing and validation.


We deliver wireframing, documentation and annotations that are a result of insight and analysis.



Sydney.Concepts.Westmead – How User Research informs Design

Sydney.Concepts.Westmead – How User Research informs Design

On Friday, 6th July blueegg Design Director Adam Faulkner presented to Sydney.Concepts.Westmead on How User Research Informs Design.

“It’s about talking to people, picking up the patterns, and seeing how we can use that … if we can see clear patterns, that gives us evidenced based reasoning to make design decisions”

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The University of Sydney has introduced Sydney Concepts at Westmead, a series of conversations between the university and Westmead precinct staff, students, researchers, industry experts and practitioners. The series aims to foster knowledge sharing and collaborative opportunities, with an emphasis on innovative approaches.

The Westmead Hospital precinct is undergoing significant redevelopment to transform the area into a workable, liveable city. The redevelopment is focused on integrated healthcare, education and research. It aims to move Westmead from being a large hospital to an area that attracts staff, students, residents, researchers and visitors from all over the world.

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UX London Presentations

UX London Presentations

On our most recent episode of Plastic Grass Square we discussed the UX London event from May this year. The event organisers, Clearleft have posted the UX London presentations to their Vimeo channel. There’s plenty to explore, not just our selections!

Here’s the presentations we spoke about on the most recent podcast episode for your viewing pleasure –

The End of Navel Gazing: Paul Adams, UX London 2018.


The future of public service design: Louise Downe, UX London 2018


Onboarding for the long run: Krystal Higgins, UX London 2018


Design like a Scientist: A/B Testing UX at Netflix: Navin Iyengar, UX London 2018

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Plastic Grass Square – New Episode

Plastic Grass Square – New Episode

The latest episode of our Plastic Grass Square podcast is now live on iTunes. This month we’re catching up with blueegg Design Director Adam Faulkner to chat about his recent trip to UX London. We’re now on iTunes and Soundcloud, subscribe via your podcast app to receive new episodes every month.

Plastic Grass Square – Adam talks UX London

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