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About Us 

The Blueegg Story

Blueegg is a User Experience Agency. We are focused on working with our clients to deliver insightful, tested  experiences. We were founded on the basic principle that user experience, UX, is fundamental to everything we do.

Too often UX is cast aside and not given the appropriate focus and attention that it deserves. We place UX at the beginning of the journey by a process of discovery.

Our team are a combination of designers, developers and UX architects based in Tank Stream Labs in Sydney. We live digital, co-work with a number of successful startups and we are focused on delivering compelling design.

Our Team

Adam Faulkner

Experience Design Director

Norman King

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Saunders


Josh Manning

Lead Researcher

Aaron Lucas

Client Relationship Manager

Evelyn Phengkhamkip

Senior Experience Designer

Jaimie Corby

Senior Experience Designer

Simon Hodgon

Senior Experience Designer

Brenna Dowling

Operations and Events Manager

Lucy Wu

UX Consultant

Angel Hall

UX Consultant

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Level 4, 17-19 Bridge St
Sydney NSW 2000


Phone: 02 8007 4711
[email protected]
Skype: blueegg.skype