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Plastic Grass Square – Ben Pecotich from Dynamic 4

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Ben Pecotich – Plastic Grass Square Podcast guest

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Ben Pecotich from Dynamic 4 is our Plastic Green Square guest for October. Aaron had a wide ranging chat with Ben covering the foundations of Dynamic 4, what Social Enterprise is all about and how new designers can make themselves stand out in a noisy marketplace.

Plastic Grass Square – S1E7 Ben Pecotich Design And Innovation Director

“More experienced Design Leaders who are recruiting teams don’t hire UX Designers without some kind of slash, like Design Research or Prototyper or Visual Design”

Ben strongly believes that engaging and empowering people is a powerful and sustainable approach to achieving positive change. He’s an active supporter of social enterprise and ways of applying collaborative consumption, collective impact, and other sharing economy principles and practices.

Founder and managing director of Dynamic4 (a 16 year old purpose-driven design & innovation company, and certified B Corp). Co-founder of two social enterprises: Jetpack for Changemakers, and Better Goals.

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