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Plastic Grass Square art

Plastic Grass Square – a new Experience Design Podcast from blueegg

May 25th, 2018 Posted by Plastic Grass Square, Podcast 0 comments on “Plastic Grass Square – a new Experience Design Podcast from blueegg”

Plastic Grass Square Podcast

Plastic Grass Square Podcast is LIVE! A new podcast from the team here at blueegg, hosted by Aaron Lucas. We’ll be posting new episodes monthly with chats, news and information from the world of Experience Design. Subscribe to our SoundCloud to stay up to date.

Plastic Grass Square, brought to you by the team behind blueegg Experience Design, is a podcast about being human centred in our work practices and daily lives. We are, after all, not the user. Join us as we chat to folks about how they apply human centred approaches to their lives.

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Amazing Digital Design Starts With Real-Life Conversations

October 4th, 2017 Posted by Podcast 0 comments on “Amazing Digital Design Starts With Real-Life Conversations”

Adam Faulkner, experience design director at digital branding agency Blueegg, has developed a distinct approach to understanding customer and user experience. Surprisingly, it involves a lot of time offline, IRL.