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blueegg has developed a scientific, evidenced based approach to research. Utilising both qualitative and quantitative frameworks, blueegg is able to talk to users and uncover insights that seek to better improve a users experience.


Intuitive, clear and simple designs are key to a users experience. Our design process includes UX sketching and low to mid fidelity wireframes through to high fidelity visual designs and UI.


Validating design decisions through creating interactive Prototypes and Usability Testing with users to deliver insights, design directions and clean interactions. It is a key element blueegg embeds into our process to improve usability.


Creating engaging, fluid and robust technology solutions through the latest code bases is an area blueegg excels. Utilising our mix of both Front and Back End Developers, we are able to build curated, tested and cutting edge app and website experiences.

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blueegg is an Experience Design “UX” Agency based in Sydney. We utilise our unique scientific methodology to deliver evidence-based insights to improve the experience of users.

It all starts with knowing your users, understanding their needs and distilling this into better designs and more engaging experiences.

blueegg strives to uncover a strong understanding of what your users are doing by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods. These methods seek to probe and gain insights into current experiences, attitudes and behaviours.

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