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Our blueegg Methodology

Initial Meeting

All great relationships start with a conversation. We can come to you, or host you in our Bridge St offices.

From our initial meetings blueegg will formulate a plan to address your requirements.

Stakeholder Engagement

blueegg will analyse any existing research, analytics, artefacts or industry information to expand our knowledge of your business.

Engaging with stakeholders is critical to the initial information gathering and throughout the project timeline.

User Research

blueegg uses a scientific methodology in User Research, capturing genuine insights and behavioural patterns from users.

Our dedicated Usability Lab setup captures audio & video for all interviews, as well as screen tracking for usability tests.

Synthesis & Prototyping

Our research team distils the information provided by interviewees, grouping insights to identify patterns.

Synthesising the insights from user research is the foundation of our Evidence Based Design process.

User Testing

Just like we tested your current state assets during the user research, we can also test our prototype designs.

It’s important to validate our approach with users to ensure that the design direction satisfies client and user requirements.

Findings and Recommendations

With research, design and testing completed, blueegg will produce a high level deck and detailed research report.

This and other artefacts will be presented during a Findings Workshop, along with our Now, Next & Later recommendations.

We’re an Innovative
Design Agency in Sydney

Blueegg is a User Experience Agency based in Sydney. We provide a comprehensive service covering discovery, engagement and delivery. Developing a strong understanding of what your users are doing and how they interact with your content is key to offering a strong and compelling experience.

We analyse your existing data, engage with your internal stakeholders and incorporate the strategy you are aiming for. By then engaging with your external stakeholders (customers) we are able to overlay true insight.

This insight is built into the prototyping and wireframes and is what leads to increased engagement, increased usability and increased conversion.



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