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UX London Presentations

July 3rd, 2018 Posted by Conference, UX Education 0 comments on “UX London Presentations”

On our most recent episode of Plastic Grass Square we discussed the UX London event from May this year. The event organisers, Clearleft have posted the UX London presentations to their Vimeo channel. There’s plenty to explore, not just our selections!

Here’s the presentations we spoke about on the most recent podcast episode for your viewing pleasure –

The End of Navel Gazing: Paul Adams, UX London 2018.


The future of public service design: Louise Downe, UX London 2018


Onboarding for the long run: Krystal Higgins, UX London 2018


Design like a Scientist: A/B Testing UX at Netflix: Navin Iyengar, UX London 2018

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