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Data & Behavioural Analysis

Analysis of linear behaviour flows, such as Google Analytics, to provide more context, greater understanding and identification of who your users are.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

In-person and group research facilitation, as well as secondary survey design with key personas or archetypes to uncover insights that lead to better user experiences.

Remote & In-Person Workshop Facilitation

Creating and facilitating both in-person and remote workshops, with your users and your internal teams, that are engaging, seek to uncover insights, create alignment and provide focus.

Sketching, Wireframing and Ideation “UX”

Turning the needs of your users into designs. Starting from simple sketches through to mid-fidelity designs, aligning with key flows that seek to improve their experiences.

Prototyping & Usability Testing

Once designs are more refined, creating prototypes that can be tested and validated is key to the design process. Testing with the users will provide further insights and thoroughly validated designs.

Visual Design “UI”

Following testing of your designs, moving them to a higher fidelity is an important process. Designs are moved into a more refined and polish state including a focus on interaction design and the finalised design process.

Design Systems

An evolution to the design process and crucial to creating a robust set of components and design principles to help your organisation curate and consistently design amazing experiences.

Detailed Reports Including Now, Next and Later Improvements

Having clear and actionable plans ensure that you are able to implement tangible improvements. Key outcomes include the prioritisation of features and the creation of a roadmap to be able to implement changes and improve experiences.

Build & Design Support

Utilising a mix of front end and back end developers, we are able to work with your organisation to develop and build mobile apps, websites and SAAS products to match the business objectives and needs of users.

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