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blueegg was engaged by ADASA to completely redesign their online experience. Their current website was outdated and hadn’t been refreshed since 2006. ADASA are a highly technical, global organisation who focus on water analytics and analysis for many clients including Water NSW. ADASA wanted a fresh looking, modern design that was more inline with what their clients would expect.

the challenge

ADASA’s website was highly technical in both content and purpose. It needed to reflect the importance of the data analytics whilst being able to convey what they do to a broader audience.

Their current site was difficult to navigate and local Australian case studies difficult to find and showcase. Further, there was a lack of digital assets and copy to convey the new message of ADASA being at the forefront of data analytics and research for global and local companies.

what we did

  • Review and Analyse
  • Content Audit
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Sketching
  • Wireframing
  • IA Review
  • Visual Design
  • Style Guide
  • Development Support


Current State | Analysis

As part of the website refresh, blueegg reviewed the current website experience for context and to identify key pain points for the user in terms of content, navigation, hierarchy, interactions, IA and discoverability.

Whilst the current design was outdated, the content was often current and a new site needed to be able to surface key local projects as well as their core capabilities. Key was to improve the experience through improved navigation, IA by a clean, clear and more modern online experience.

Stakeholder Alignment

Ensuring stakeholder alignment is an important part of our process. Given ADASA is a global organisation, it has been key to engage with a number of key stakeholders in both the Sydney and Barcelona Offices.

Keeping stakeholders across the design process via video conferencing and in person has seen the project designs iterate quickly following feedback and is an important communication through the design process.

focus areas

Difficult to navigate and hard for users to discover content

Content is highly technical and difficult to understand

Information Architecture need to be revised including updated language and taxonomy

Digital assets such as as imagery need to be more relatable to the content

Ability to highlight the key capabilities of ADASA that are currently hidden

Need to develop style guide and pattern library to provide clear guidance and avoid inconsistency

design phase

Following our review and engagement with ADASA, we were able to move into the designs of the new site across desktop and mobile.

blueegg were able to focus on creating an improved user experience by focusing on the pain points whilst also providing a more modern, fresh look.

Key to designs over mobile and desktop is identifying content hierarchy and changes to ensure content adapts and changes depending on the screen being used.

Homepage — Mobile & Desktop

About ADASA - Mobile & Desktop


Website Redesign

ADASA is now into the implementation stage of this website with the launch due at the beginning of October 2019. Both the global and local head offices were delighted with the new designs and excited about launching their new site. The site offers an improved IA, clearer templates and consistency that seek to greatly improve the experience of users.

The visual designs provided both a sense of tranquility and water whilst conveying key technical concepts to a wider audience. blueegg continues to work with ADASA on this project and their developers to ensure the integrity of the designs is delivered.

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