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The City of Parramatta Council is a local government area and a major business and commercial centre located in Western Sydney. With a upgrade to the site in 2015, City of Parramatta were looking to make improvements, blueegg was engaged to help by looking at identifying the major pain points on the website from both staff and residents as well as visitors to the area.

the challenge

Like any organisation, City of Parramata Council is incredibly diverse and more needed to be understood about what users wanted or needed from their experience interacting with the council website, particularly in regards to popular tasks such as Waste and Development Applications. Implementing improvements required insight from users to guide design iterations.

what we did

  • Analysis & research
  • Synthesis & Findings
  • High Fidelity Visual Design
  • User interviews
  • Sketch

initial research

Analysis & Research

Finding out who the user is, was the first step. The City of Parramatta is a culturally diverse area and it was vital that we captured as wide a variety of insights as possible that would provide meaningful solutions. blueegg was able to use existing data sources like Google Analytics allowing us to target the right user segments to gain the most valuable insights.

user interviews 

Our research plan for the interview looked at finding out insights into how people find information, reasons why they visit the City of Parramatta website and how accessible and easy tasks were to complete. blueegg conducted 30 interviews across 6 identified personas.

What We Learned

The key issues for users focused on navigation, overwhelming content and unclear processes. Users liked the website and expected a council website to be comprehensive, however, tasks were difficult to complete leading many to abandon their search and resort to global search engines for ease of access.

What They Told Us

“I go to Google. I don’t go to Parramatta Council website; Google will give more options and take you straight there”

“find things as soon as I land on the site rather than scrolling down and looking”


5 participants of any one persona type was all that was required to establish patterns in the insights they provided us. We identified key themes that would help shape our design recommendations now and with future iterations.

Common Themes

Users look for efficiency

Unconventional categorisation

Lack of discoverability

design phase

Sketch and High Fidelity Visual Design

Following on from our findings, blueegg were able to focus on creating design solutions for key screens. Our next step was to start the design phase by sketching and building high fidelity visual wireframes.

We were given the opportunity to consider solutions without any constraints on the project allowing us to begin to create a design focused on new design flows and pattterns for key screens across desktop and mobile. This allowed us to keep an emphasis on delivering clear information and enabling ease of usability and discoverability.

Homepage — Mobile & Desktop

Waste & Recycling — Desktop

Events — Mobile, text only


Through our design we looked to re-frame the foundation of information and streamline users needs into clearly defined visual design patterns. As a result of understanding the user base and the cultural diversity of the area, we were able to provide the City of Parramatta council with solutions with clear branding, consistency and a valuied experience.

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