Optus Yes Business: Digital platform redesign and nurture strategy creation


Optus are one of the largest telecommunications companies in Australia, providing services across the consumer and business areas, as well as wholesale services. Within Optus, the Yes Business platform helps small to medium sized businesses grow by offering practical solutions for their telecommunication and technology needs and connecting them with the small business community. blueegg would need to examine the current Yes Business experience for these business people in order to improve navigation and content discoverability, which would then guide the creation of a nurture strategy.

the challenge

Yes Business were looking to grow organic traffic, reduce bounce rates and generate leads from their site. The project aimed to improve navigation, guide content engagement, and nurture prospects to sales readiness. Previous research had defined key personas within the small to medium sized businesses. By exploring and identifying the journey each persona goes on when navigating and interacting with the Yes Business platform, we sought to examine current content discoverability and uncover thoughts, pain points and opportunities for lead generation.

what we did

  • Analysis & Research
  • Findings Workshop
  • Nurture Strategy
  • User Interviews
  • Customer Journeys
  • Visual Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Sketching & Wireframing
  • Marketing Templates
  • Synthesis
  • Prototyping

initial research

Analysis & Research

We conducted an initial review of the existing research, which had defined the personas within small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). This research had also led to content strategy and content production in the form of articles on the webpage, but curation of this had not been as successful.

user interviews 

Our research plan for interviews focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the customer journey when navigating and interacting with the ‘Yes Business’ platform and to uncover thoughts, pain points and opportunities for lead generation. Our team recruited and facilitated 30 interviews with key decision-makers and influencers within SMBs, including 5 participants from each of the persona groups of Office Managers, CTOs, Managing Directors, Executive Assistants, CFOs and Business Owners.

What We Learned

We found that people struggled to see the connection between Optus and the content, and the very premise of Yes Business was not clear. They come to Optus with a certain purpose and feel confused by finding articles.

What They Told Us

“I don’t know what the link is between these articles and the Optus website, that’s very confusing”

“Yes Business doesn’t describe what it is. They know internally but no one who comes here knows what it is”

Usability Testing

We also conducted usability testing on the current state, across both desktop and mobile. This was to determine how navigation was performing, as well as gauge interest in content (including test examples of proposed gated content to garner feedback). Key tasks that were identified as being the most important on the website for the users and the business were:

  1. Find a SIM-only plan
  2. Find an article of interest

“At this stage I would have given up”

“Feels like insurance. ‘Quote’ threw me off”

“The level of information feels quite basic”

“People are looking for a fuller image, especially in business”


Synthesising the user interviews relied on pattern recognition, and 5 participants of any one persona type was all that was required to establish patterns in the insights they provided us. We identified themes and made recommendations based on the insights generated by the interviews. We also saw patterns emerge across the personas, meaning they could be grouped as Specialists (IT & Finance), Administrative (EAs & Office Managers) and Leaders (MDs & Business Owners).


Confusion about who ‘Yes Business’ are

Skeptical of content from Optus as didn’t see the connection to the business

Navigation was conflicting, making it difficult to find products or an article

Users showed interest in case studies as these had more relevance to them

Findings Workshop

We presented all of our findings in a workshop with stakeholders. blueegg distilled these findings into a detailed research report and high level deck. This also included a prioritisation spreadsheet of the insights and recommendations found in the research.

Customer Journeys

We created Journey Maps for each of the personas to further convey the story from our research. This also acted as a reference for targeted opportunities that would be further investigated in a nurture strategy.

design phase

After alignment of the next steps, blueegg began sketching a new design of the Yes Business website that would incorporate the now recommendations from our research report. We met regularly with the stakeholders, and the internal UX resource during this stage.

Wireframes & Prototyping

We further developed these sketches into wireframes and then into clickable prototypes. The prototype was then further valdiated with users through additional usability testing.


Analysis of key experiences, behaviours and patterns across the Yes Business site

Research facilitated, focused on 30 interviews delivering key insights, identifying behaviours and pain points

Customer journeys mapped

Nurture strategy developed including matrix with trigger points for ongoing engagement

Visual designs developed for marketing email templates

Key stakeholders of Yes Business engaged

Usability testing with users, examining current navigation and content

Sketches an prototypes drawn and iterated on

Newsletter template created with content strategy informed by research insights

about blueegg

blueegg is an experience design agency that places users at the centre of evidenced based user driven insights. We specialise in engagement, facilitation, synthesis, design, prototyping, usability testing and human centred outcomes.

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